What we do

Let’s build the world without child abuse and neglect !

The Apostle Fred Anwansedo Foundation is anchored on OPERATION J-127 (Defending the Defenseless) and charged with the mandate of visiting the needy in their affliction and creating innovative opportunities for improving the lot of individuals, communities and social institution thereby restoring their total dignity and consciousness towards impactful living.

Apostle Fred Anwansedo is the founder of the AFA Foundation, although the foundation was officially launched on 5th June 2015, Apostle Fred Anwansedo already shaped and approved the Foundation’s programs blueprint and sets the overall direction of the organization before transiting to glory.

Apostle Fred Anwansedo was sold out to charitable deeds and values, meeting the needs of the helpless and showing godly concern for the well being of others, his care and affection for people in challenging situations resulted to the birth of the motto (Defender of Defenseless) as addressed by Bishop David Oyedepo his father in the faith.

Apostle Fred Anwansedo’s experience through his educational background, service to his uncle before enlisted with the Nigerian Army and NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation) shaped and built his orientation to empowering the interested in going to school. He spent majority of his life alongside his wife Pastor Felicia Anwansedo, serving God’s kingdom and giving opportunities to the disadvantaged to make life better for themselves, this simply cuts across family restoration and reunion, Christian counseling, educational, health care and welfare support, as well as missionary and kingdom expansion projects, until his glorious exit and return back to Eden.

Core Values

• Spirituality, We believe that the bedrock to every solid foundation is being connected to the creator.

• Purpose, We believe there is a reason for every individual’s existence. Hence, we focus on pathways to help people identify purpose.

• Capacity Building, Having discovered purpose, we consider it pertinent to help channel our strength to providing access to proper education

• Responsibility, we can make the world a better place by raising giants of Africa, who will take it upon themselves to be just, kind, considerate and reciprocate

• Sacrifice, The greatest gift to mankind that we all enjoy today was borne through sacrifice.

Why Choose Us ?

1. History

Within a short period we've developed the passion to heavily improve the idea that you would see as useless to be more informative to how your follow man will see it and have it fashioned to be a competitive ideology. You tell me!

2. Vision

To reach and help the underpriviledge and neglected in communities across Africa

3. Mission

To assist individuals, families, communities and institution in the fight against Human degradation and empower lives for better living.